(Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations)

DSEAR became uk law in 2003. DSEAR works in conjunction with the european directive ATEX.

What is DSEAR?

It is concerned with the protection against risks from fire, explosion and similar events arising from dangerous substances used or present in the work place.

DSEAR follows these main principles

  • Risk assess
  • Risk Reduction
  • Area classification and zoning
  • Emergency procedures and training¬†
  • Comprehensive information, instruction and training

Regulations 5 & 6: explained in a little more depth

Dsear regulation 5 is the requirement for employers to carry out a risk assessment following these five steps and to consider:

  • Dangerous substances used & their properties
  • Any potential for explosive atmospheres to develop
  • Any potential for ignition of those atmospheres
  • The extent of the consequences for employees and others who may be affected
  • And to formally record the results and keep the risk assessments up to date.

Dsear regulation 6 is the requirement for the elimination or reduction of risks so far as reasonably practicable (sfarp).

  • Substitute with less hazardous substances.
  • Apply control and mitigation measures to manage the risks.
  • Arrangments for safe handling, storage and transport of dangerous substances
  • Maintain the control and mitigation measures including other general safety measures put in place.