Occupational Health Services

At CSS, the needs of your business are at the top of our list. We understand that employees are your most valuable asset and that keeping them healthy will help protect your business against expensive litigation.

Health & Safety at Work Regulations place the emphasis and responsibility on the employer to provide Occupational Health Surveillance in order to detect and assess early signs of effects on the health of workers exposed to certain health hazards.

Not only does our innovative Health Declaration System assist employers to assess their employees’ fitness to work, it also identifies potential health issues. With the simple click of the mouse, our system will generate a Risk Assessment, a medical questionnaire, and produces a Fitness to Work Certificate . If the questionnaire flags up any medical concerns, our qualified medical professionals will swiftly help to uncover and rectify any potential health issues, before they become serious or long term. We ensure a high level of confidentiality, so that your employees can put their trust in us; giving you peace of mind that they are being properly cared for.

Summary of Services

  • Ensure compliance with HSE & Health commission regulations.
  • Cut down on staff absences.
  • Detect historical problems.
  • Prevent litigation.
  • Ensure the employee is safe to carry out their current job role.
  • Produce a fitness to work certificate for 12 month.

A healthy, committed workforce is vital to business success!