Fire Safety Management

We are a fire safety management company operating throughout the UK. We will remove any concerns you may have over Fire Safety leaving you with ‘Peace of Mind’ that you and your employees are working in a safe environment, where fire risks are reduced to help protect your staff and your business.

Our Fire Risk Assessment’s five main steps

Step 1

Identify hazards and how people could be harmed, e.g., by being overcome or trapped by fire or smoke, burned, unable to escape due to locked fire exit doors, etc…

Step 2

Who could be harmed? Consider the risk to people, particularly any vulnerable groups such as young persons, the elderly or visitors unfamiliar with the premises.

Step 3

What existing fire safety measures are provided? Compare existing fire safety measures against standards contained in the sector-specific premises guidance documents and decide whether your existing fire safety measures for the premises are adequate or are additional measures necessary?

Step 4

Record the significant findings of your fire risk assessment. Prepare an action plan, prioritise actions and allocate deadlines and responsibilities for implementation.

Step 5

Make arrangements for regular review of the fire risk assessment.

Our Additional Fire Safety Services

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